Hot cross buns and sad rainy days

I love Holidays. I love traditions, I love fighting with my family, I love going home (When I actually get to), and I especially love the food.  I have been feeling a bit stale lately. I’m kind of sick of where I am living, I am bored of school, I am frustrated with having to take the bus everywhere, I’m starting to resent my job, and my usual recipes are getting boring, and I’m not trying new things.

So, after a horrendous midterm this morning, and a walk through a monsoon to get to the transit, I decided it was high time I took a day to spend at home baking. SO I went home, found a recipe and got going. Coincidentally, I also managed to find one that used:

a) my favorite ingredients of all time (Earl grey, cherries, and citrus)

b) Healthy stuff

c) something new… YEAST!

Now, although I bake a ridiculously large amount, I don’t actually ever

bake with yeast. It’s new to me, and to be honest a little scary. But I made it work! Granted, it didn’t all go as planned, but when do things ever do in the kitchen? The recipe called for a wet, sticky dough and mine was definitely firm, and floury, and not at all what it was supposed to look like. But it somehow managed to work!

It’s what I love about baking; even if you screw up royally, you can usually figure out some sort of fix…unless you’ve gone and put something moldy in there. That shit’s not gonna fly. Don’t do that. I didn’t, for the record. I’m just saying. Don’t do it.

So I made these Hot cross buns. And they were glorious. Just the pick me up I needed. Took me all day, and managed to get some readings away and finished in the wait times! Perfect!

I found this from 84th and 3rd. Thanks for the amazing recipe! Check out her amazing blog Here:

Cherry, Orange and Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns


1 c boiling water plus extra water as needed
1 earl grey tea bag

1 packet dried yeast [7g or 2 1/4 tsp]
2 c organic unbleached white flour plus 1/4 c extra
2 c organic stone ground whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tsp cardamom [or 1 tsp each cardamom and cinnamon]

1/4 c neutral oil, such as grapeseed oil

2 eggs

1/2 c dried sour/tart cherries, diced or quartered
1/2 c orange peel from 1 large orange, diced

For crosses:
1/4 c unbleached white flour
2-3 Tbsp water

For glaze:
2 Tbsp marmalade

I changed a couple of things. I added some chopped pecans, more cherries, cu

rrants, and lemon peel. I also changed the cross to have some sugar, vanilla and lemon juice in it, and in the glaze I added some sugar, lemon juice and vanilla, and put it on 10 min before I took them out of the oven!

Go to to learn the method, and new kneading techniques.

Here is the finished product:


Mmmmmmm…..prefect end to a not so perfect day. A cup of tea, and a hot cross bun.

Happy Rain day!


Taking a shit in the Woods

I know I’m new;

and the title of this post probably scares you off right away;

but read on;

I had an epiphany yesterday….

So I went for a run yesterday and it was raining like a mo fo, so I was going at a reasonably good clip and there was hardly anybody else on the trail. And then one of the most annoying things…

Shit, shit, shit, crap I forgot to take a shit at home, crap!

Oh well, guess I’ll just go in the woods.

Point for trail running. You can take a crap on the side of the trail. Can’t really do that on the road now can you? Excuse me ma’am may I please take a dump on your lawn?

I digress. So I found a nice spot on the side of the trail, away from prying eyes should somebody come along, dug a little hole in the moss, dropped trow and popped a squat. And that’s when my epiphany came along. Not everyone can do this. In fact; this may well be a great measure of overall health of an individual. Can you take a shit in the woods? If you can’t your life probably isn’t quite up to par. If you can it probably means most of the following are true, and all coincidentally high determinants of health:

1. Physical leg strength to hold a squat

2. Capacity to relax enough to actually go in a squat

3. Physical/cardiovascular prowess to be able to get into the woods in the frst place

4. Decent living situation if you live close enough to a forest to do so

5. Environmental consciousness to cover your terd

6. Social consciousness to go off the trail far enough that someone doesn’t come upon you

7. Wilderness knowledge to dig a hole and cover it

8. Education on Foliage and local trees to not wipe with poison Ivy

What does the ability to take a poo in the woods mean to you? Leave your thoughts; I would love to hear them.